Church in the Wild

A Study of Ezra & Nehemiah

Throughout the ages, God's people have found themselves living between two worlds - the world as it is, and the world that is yet to come. In Christ, we have already received the age to come by receiving grace and being brought to life by the Holy Spirit. But that does not remove nor minimize the challenges of being God's people in His world now, especially when there are those who are either indifferent or outright hostile to the reality of Jesus Christ as held out in the gospel. 

So how are God's people supposed to live, especially when they live in a culture that is not entirely their own? 

How are we to love and serve those around us, whether they believe the same things, in the same way, or not?

How should we engage in our work, our neighborhoods, our "third places" and pockets of playing and belonging in a distinctly Christian (yet not obnoxious) way?

Is it possible to live out the gospel in such a way that those who are not believers in Jesus, want to know more, and possibly, become followers and worshippers of Him?

Join us for our Fall sermon series Church in The Wild, vol. 1: Ezra and Nehemiah, as we explore what it means to be a gospel-centered worshipping community on mission to reach this and the next generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ, through these two Old Testament books, Ezra and Nehemiah.

Church in the Wild: 

Ezra & Nehemiah Sermon Series

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