New Relationships:

God, Self, Others, & World

Join us for our new "Mini-Series" within our larger Roman's sermon series titled "New Relationships: God, Self, Others, and World". 

In Romans, we have seen that the gospel is more than a doctrine to be believed, but a power to be received. Once the power of the gospel is unlocked and unleashed in our lives, it creates a culture empowered by the Holy Spirit and governed by a whole new ethic. The church in other words is to be group of people who are growing more and more into the likeness of Christ, affecting every relationship and every aspect of our lives - our life with God, self, others (friend and enemy alike), and even the world itself.

So join us Sundays 9:45am at the Aristide Event Center in Mansfield, TX as we look at the gospel-centered ethics of Romans 12-15 in our mini-series, "New Relationships". 

Skeptics, curious, misfits, and mavericks - all are welcome!  Click here for map and information about our Worship Services. 

Romans Series Sermons

Sermon videos from our current series can be found below. You can find more sermons, previous messages, as well as other content on our Resources page as well as our YouTube channel.