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Each and every week we have the privilege of hearing God's word to us through the reading and preaching of the Bible. We mostly preach through books of the Bible at a time, and occasionally work through shorter, topical series. You can click on the button below to listen to our sermons, whether in our current series or messages from the past. 

Current Series: Church in the Wild, vol. Ezra & Nehemiah, a Study in the Old Testament on Being a Worshipping Community on Mission to Reach the World. 

Past series include:

  • Romans: Unlocking the Gospel | Unleashing the Power, an expository journey through the New Testament letter to the church in Rome.
  • The Way of Paradox: Following the Right-Side Up King in an Up-Side Down World, a series through the Gospel of Mark
  • Renewing Marriage: How the Gospel Changes Those We Love the Most, a gospel-centered topical series on love, marriage, and relationships
  • Hark the Herald: Christmas Songs in the Gospel of Luke (Advent 2014) and Joy to the World: Seeing the Hope of the World Wrapped in the Story of Christ (Advent 2015)

You can also watch the sermons on our Youtube channel, or listen through our iTunes podcast. 

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