Growing as God's People in God's World
A Study in the Book of Titus

Growth of any kind requires a shift of some kind. Whether it is of mindset, or activities and behaviors, or even just of priorities, for things something to grow, something else has to shift. The same is true in the church.In the book of Titus, the apostle Paul is writing to his partner in ministry about leading the church on the island of Crete to shift from what it had been to what God desired and designed them to be.  Join us in our upcoming sermon Series through the book of Titus called Shift: Growing as God’s people in God’s world as we learn from the apostle Paul writing to Titus and the church in Crete that growth only happens as God’s people learn to shift their priorities from self to service, their activities from comfortable to committed, and their mindset from what we were in sin to who we are now in Christ.


Growing as God's People in God's World, A Study in Titus

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