More than music. It's a way of life.

“If only everyone could know we’ve been created by and for God! If only we could all comprehend that we’re precious to Him, housing mirrored souls designed to reflect His glory.”
― Louie Giglio, The Air I Breathe: Worship as a Way of Life


We are characters in, carriers of, and carried by the great story of God's redemption - the gospel. All of our lives are to be a theater for God's glory and amplifier of ultimate joy.

We gather together weekly to remember, retell, and realign ourselves to the redemptive story of God in the gospel and experience life, joy, and rest in His great love for us in Christ.


Sundays 4 PM at The Chapel

Join us Sundays at 4 pm at The Chapel (Building C), 777 N. Walnut Creek Dr., Mansfield, TX.




3:15 PM



4:00 PM




As you come into the worship sanctuary, you’ll come in and see some folks dressed up, and others dressed casually. Everything from shorts to slacks, business casual to baseball hats.

What matters is that you’re here, not what you wear!

So feel free to come as you are. All are welcome at Christ Church Mansfield!



Every church has a liturgy - a way of responding to God's Word and revelation. Some are more overt; others more subtle.

We are casually liturgical. This means that while we have elements of a more traditional church – like responsive prayers, confession of sin, affirming our faith, along with singing, the preaching of the Bible, and weekly participating in the Lord’s Supper – we seek to do this in a way that is genuine and contemporary.

We are not a formal or rigid church. But we do hope to be anchored to a rich, historical tradition while using timely and contemporary language.

These elements help us retell, remember, and realign ourselves to the the great drama of redemption and story of the gospel.

They also serve to anchor us to the rich history and traditions of the Christian church throughout all ages.

Feel free to participate fully, or just sit back and take it all in.



We believe that it takes an experience of beauty to knock us out of our self-centered orientation towards life. So we not only welcome but celebrate the arts and expressions of beauty to help us reorient our lives around God and not ourselves.

On any given Sunday, we will sing something old, and something new; something familiar, and something just a little bit different. Great Hymns out of your favorite hymnal, and something from some great modern day worship leaders. But it is selected based on it’s theme and arranged with thoughtfulness, and skillfully played with care for congregational participation, not a musical performance.



Christ Church Kids is where we care for our young children, Babies through Preschool/Kindergarten (Ages 0-5) with an engaging, service-long program of gospel-centered lessons, music, fun, and a snack. All of our volunteers are trained and each has been screened for safety of your child as well as your peace of mind.

Each class (Infants 0-2, Young Kids 3-5) has a schedule of activities filled with fun, fellowship, and an age appropriate gospel lesson. Check in at the Christ Church Kids desk and find out more when you come!

We do also offer our Gospel Journey program during the sermon portion of our worship for children ages K-5th grade.

The purpose of the Gospel Journey is to provide our kids an age-appropriate Gospel lesson during the adult sermon time. Our exceptional teachers will lead them through the Gospel Project curriculum that teaches kids God's Word from Genesis through Revelation.

Kids will be dismissed right before the sermon and will rejoin parents for communion. Children can always remain with their parents for the duration of the worship service as well. We encourage our school-aged children to participate in worship with the rest of us, believing that more is caught than just taught. This helps us live out our value of being an intergenerational and multi-cultural church that is seeking to reach this and the next generation with the gospel.

"And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength."
Mark 12:30
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